Nov 26, 2010

Using on screen keyboard ( O.S.K )

On-Screen Keyboard Portable makes it easy to access Windows' built-in On-Screen Keyboard on any system you come across.

It remembers your settings for sound, hover to select or click to select, always on top, keyboard layout and more as you move from PC to PC. And the icon sits right in your Menu for easy access. For earlier operating systems that lack a built-in on-screen keyboard (Windows 95/98/Me/Xp) it even includes a simple virtual keyboard that, while lighter on accessibility features, is still useful

MouseKeys: Control the Mouse Pointer Using the Numeric Keypad

Mousekeys is an accessibility feature designed for people who have difficulty using a mouse. MouseKeys allows you to use the numeric keypad to control the movement of the mouse pointer. If you want to use the numeric keypad for data entry as well as for navigation, you can set MouseKeys to be activated by pressing SHIFT + ALT + NUM LOCK. 

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