Nov 26, 2010

Using on screen keyboard ( O.S.K )

On-Screen Keyboard Portable makes it easy to access Windows' built-in On-Screen Keyboard on any system you come across.

Nov 18, 2010

Make Nokia s40 themes in PC without any software

If you would like to make your own theme all you need is a PC and nth theme.

Multi mobile applications in one midlet or installer

Ok we shall start with an example-
Take two simple java games- reversi and tom_and_jerry
If you dont have then download

Hide any file in a jpeg image

Step 1: You will need two files - the file you want to hide and one jpg image - it can be of any size or dimensions. [If you want to hide multiple files in one jpeg image, just zip or rar them into one file]
Step 2: Copy one jpg and your other file in any directory which can be easily locate by cmd
Step 3: I copy a.jpg and b.rar file in D drive

Nov 3, 2010

Install Windows Xp in 10 minutes

Install Windows In Just 10 minutes??
As We all know that During Formatting a Computer After the File Copying is Completed then windows Require nearly 40 Minutes Time...But What Extreme In It.... Yes We can Bypass this .... So read On..
I have Included Snaps That will help you all....