Nov 18, 2010

Multi mobile applications in one midlet or installer

Ok we shall start with an example-
Take two simple java games- reversi and tom_and_jerry
If you dont have then download

Right click reversi.jar and etract to a new folder.
Open the manifest folder fronm the extracted items.
Open the Manifest.MF file with note pad.
You will see something like this

MIDlet-1: MM Reversi, /icons/MM_Reversi.png, HelloMM.HelloMIDlet
Just copy this and paste it another notepad and change it to
MIDlet-2: MM Reversi, /icons/MM_Reversi.png, HelloMM.HelloMIDlet
 Let it be there.
Now copy all the files from the extracted folder except the Manifest META-INF folder.
Right click on tom_and_jerry.jar and open with winrar(DO NOT EXTRACT)
Press control+v to paste.
Then use notepad and open the manifest file of tom_and_jerry.
There you will see something like this
Midlet vendor:------------
 Between these two add this MIDlet-2: MM Reversi, /icons/MM_Reversi.png, HelloMM.HelloMIDlet which we have taken from the manifest file of reversi

Save it.
Close Winrar

Thats all .
Now tranfer the file to your mobile and install it and see the magic.
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