Apr 15, 2013

The top 10 coolest and funniest computer pranks

We All love Computer pranks And specially The Good ones , except if you are the victim of this prank then I guess Not !
Well today is your lucky day to improve your computer pranking skills , to help you prove that you are the best , and also avoid getting pranked by others
image17 The top 10 coolest and funniest computer pranks

Note : most of those computer Tricks and pranks requires the ability of accessing the computer

Computer Prank 1 : Making PC type the word “SPACE” hitting the space bar

image4 The top 10 coolest and funniest computer pranks
This Prank Will drive Your Friend Crazy Trying To figure What is going on
The trick is actually pretty simple it’s all about creating and autohotkey :
  • Create a new autohotkey script
  • add those two line
  • save it
  • right click on the script and compile it
  • watch the fun !!

Computer Prank 2 : Pretend to Install Linux on a Windows Computer with a Live CD

image5 The top 10 coolest and funniest computer pranks
This Prank is easy all you have to do is some friend of yours who turns the computer in a specific time night maybe
  • Come before him or them
  • Boot the Linux Live CD
  • Leave some official looking memo saying that they’ve been upgraded to Linux
  • Get rid of the Install icon
  • Watch them struggle to figure out what is going on

Computer Prank 3 : Create a Shutdown Shortcut that Looks like a Folder

image6 The top 10 coolest and funniest computer pranks
I guess this is the most easiest and simplest ways between those computer pranks
  • create a shortcut to “shutdown.exe ” on the desktop
  • change the icon to a regular folder
If you want to changer the time For The shutdown
shutdown -s -t 1925000 -c “System error: overloaded porn folder”
If the victim Is using Windows Xp  ,the feeling is respectable and spectacular,and you can have many fun with the shutdown time… on Windows 7  it’s a bit different The sign won’t be obvious but still see something that will confuse the victim .
image1 The top 10 coolest and funniest computer pranks
Note: on Windows 7 or Vista you’d also need to disable UAC or else they’ll see a prompt.

Computer Prank 4 : Switch the Keyboard Layout To DVORAK

image7 The top 10 coolest and funniest computer pranks
this Prank will let you prank other computers without the need for any software or program all you need to do is enable the DVORAK  alternate Key board layout that i guess mot of the people doesn't know about  this DVORAK it’s When they type, everything will go haywire.
Head into Control Panel –> Region and Language –> Keyboards –> Change keyboards, then click the Add button and pick the Dvorak layout (or any other random layout you want). Once you’ve done that, use the drop-down above to set the default.
image8 The top 10 coolest and funniest computer pranks
You’ll probably want to flip over to the Language Bar tab and set that to hidden as well, so they won’t be able to figure it out easily.

Computer Prank 5 : Plug a Wireless USB Mouse / Keyboard Into Their PC

image9 The top 10 coolest and funniest computer pranks
This usually works out better if the other person has a desktop PC, because you can hide the wireless mouse or keyboard receiver behind their PC, and then every so often type an extra letter, or move the mouse slightly. If you do it right, you can have some fun with this one for a long time. The great thing is that this should work for almost anybody, including people that keep their computer locked all the time.
If they do have a laptop and a wireless mouse, you can simply replace their wireless mouse with an identical-looking one, since it won’t work for their PC. They’ll assume their mouse batteries are dead, and you can move the mouse pointer around the screen with their mouse. The prank won’t last as long, but it will be every bit as fun.
Obviously the picture, courtesy of ehavir shows a wired keyboard—but it’ll work much better with a wireless setup.

Computer Prank 6 : Stick a Message Into their System Clock

image10 The top 10 coolest and funniest computer pranks
We’ve covered this before, but you can easily stick custom text into the clock that sits in the task bar and most people won’t have a clue how to switch it back. Just head into Control Panel –> Region and Language –> Additional Settings –> Time, and change the AM or PM symbols to whatever you want. Or you can read how to do it for Windows 7 or Vista.

Reverse Their Track pad or Mouse Wheel Scrolling

reversescroll2 The top 10 coolest and funniest computer pranks
You can really throw somebody for a loop if you use a simple AutoHotkey script to flip their track pad to scroll in the opposite direction. They’ll be completely confused! If they happen to have a laptop with a Synaptic touch pad, you can actually tweak this setting right in the Control Panel –> Mouse dialog, but otherwise, check out our article covering the script method, that should work anywhere.

Computer Prank 7 : Add Common Typos or Funny Words to MS Word’s Dictionary or Auto Complete

image11 The top 10 coolest and funniest computer pranks
There’s any number of possibilities for this one, and the sky is really the limit—the idea is that you put something custom into the Auto Correct so whatever they type gets replaced with something else.
You can go subtle with it, and just replace a properly typed word with a typo instead, or you can get in their face with something more fun—like making anytime they type their name end up replacing it with “ is a jerk”. Loads of fun.
image12 The top 10 coolest and funniest computer pranks
For Word 2007 or 2010, head to the Office button –> Options –> Proofing –> Auto Correct Options. For previous versions… I have no idea. If you want this to be system-wide, you can use AutoHotkey instead.

Computer Prank 8 : Setup Task Scheduler Jobs to Launch Random Apps (or a Web Page)

image13 The top 10 coolest and funniest computer pranks
Even a serious geek is going to be pretty lost on how to troubleshoot a new tab repeatedly opening to a certain page every couple of minutes, if you bury that inside the task scheduler. Just go in and create a new task, run through the wizard and pick the browser executable, plug the site name into the arguments box, and then set the schedule to repeat the task every 5 minutes.
image14 The top 10 coolest and funniest computer pranks

Computer Prank 9 : Set the Mouse Pointer to Look Always Busy (to Make Their PC Look Like It’s Hanging)

image15 The top 10 coolest and funniest computer pranks
Nice and simple, but oh so fun! Just head into Control Panel –> Mouse –> Pointers and change the Normal pointer to the busy one. They’ll think their computer is hanging all the time, but it’s really not. For extra fun, you could make the mouse pointers gigantic.

Activate High Contrast Mode (with a Single Hokey!)

image16 The top 10 coolest and funniest computer pranks
There’s a built-in accessibility option that can be very confusing to somebody who doesn't know how to turn it off, and it requires only pressing one shortcut key sequence:
Shift + Alt + Printscreen
That’s it. Once you press that key combo, their desktop will get flipped to the High contract mode—you can press it again to go back to normal. The great thing is that even if their computer is locked, you can enable high contrast with the icon on the lower left corner. On Mac OS X, you can press Ctrl+Opt+Cmd+8 to invert the screen’s colors.

Computer Prank 10 : The Old-School Favorite: Move the Desktop Icons, Take a Screenshot, Set as the Wallpaper

image17 The top 10 coolest and funniest computer pranks
Most geeks have done this at some point in their career, because it’s both simple and irritating, especially for somebody who isn’t expecting it. The basic principle works one of a couple of ways:
  1. Take a screenshot of the desktop with the icons where they are, set it as the wallpaper, and then hide the desktop icons
  2. Move the desktop icons around, or create bogus icons, take a screenshot, and then set it as the wallpaper. This way some icons work, and some don’t.
  3. Take the screenshot of the desktop, and then hide the task bar below the bottom of the screen before setting the wallpaper (this only works on XP). Even better: flip the image upside down before doing it.
The result looks something like the image above, assuming you followed the second idea and created a folder on the desktop that they’d be sure to notice right away. They’ll keep clicking, but nothing will happen.
Bonus computer pranks ? Combine this with the shutdown shortcut so when they do figure it out and try and open the folder… it’ll give them the shutdown prank too!

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