Nov 12, 2012

Funny computer tricks

1. Shaking Browser Trick
This one is one of the funniest computer tricks. Follow the steps below to learn this trick:

  • Copy the Java code below,

javascript:function Shw(n) {if (self.moveBy) {for (i = 35; i > 0; i--) {for (j = n; j > 0; j--) {self.moveBy(1,i);self.moveBy(i,0);self.moveBy(0,-i);self.moveBy(-i,0); } } }} Shw(6)
·         Paste the code in the address bar of your browser and click Enter.

You will be amazed when you see that your web browser starts shaking!

2. Folder Without A Name
Do you know that it is possible to create a folder without a name? Indeed, you can create a folder without any name at all! Follow the steps below to create a folder without any name:
·         Firstly, remove the old name. (right click , rename and click delete) 
·         Then , press and hold down the ALT button and type 0160, then press Enter.
Important: Make sure you have switched on the number pad of your computer when you type "0160".

Important thing to notice: You should type the code 0160 by holding the Alt button. You must Hold down the ALT button. You must type the code by using the number pads. In some laptops the number pads are hidden and difficult to use. First turn on the number lock by using Fn+Nmlk and then type the code from the right hand side pad of your laptop. Do not use the horizontal number keys.

3. Increase your Computer Speed
This trick will help your computer work faster than ever before. To increase the speed of your computer, please follow the steps below:
·         Go to start, click run and then type “regedit”
·         Select "HKEY_CURRENT_USER”, then select control panel folder and after that select the desktop folder. Make sure you do it correctly.
·         You will see "registry setting" on your right hand side. After, select "menu show delay”, then right click on it and select "modify".
·         You will find "edit string option" where the "default value data is 400". Change the Value Data to 000.
·         Restart you computer after completing the above process. You will notice a significant change in your computers’ speed!
4. Notepad Trick
Open notepad and type .LOG in capital letters and press ENTER. You can record the exact date and time by using this trick.
5. Reserved Keyword Trick
Do you know that it is not possible make a folder with the name "con”? No matter how many times you try to make a folder with the name "Con", you won't be able to do it.
The reason: Con is a "reserved keyword" used by DOS, so you can't create a folder with that keyword. However, there is a way to create a folder with the name “CON”. To do this, go to the command prompt and type "MD \\.\E:\CON” . This will create a folder named CON in the drive of your Computer.

6. Strange Font
Open your notepad and increase the font size to 72, then change the font to Windings. Afterwards, type your name in capital letters. You’ll be surprised to see some peculiar symbols!

7. Desktop Wallpaper Prank
Take a screen shot of your desktop and then open the image and set it as your desktop background. Now, hide all the icons from your desktop. Also, unlock the task-bar. Now your desktop will look exactly the same as before, but all of the icons will not be clickable! This trick could easily confuse anyone and is a fun trick to play on some friends.

8. Microsoft Word Trick
Simply open up Microsoft Word and type =Rand (200, 99), then press enter. Hopefully you enjoy the magic!
I hope all of you have enjoyed reading these interesting tricks. Make sure you rate and post a comment. Thanks for reading my article!

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