Oct 17, 2011

JoikuSpot Turns phone into WiFi hotspot

JoikuSpot Light
For Full Feature Set, secured WiFi, and all internet protocols, get JoikuSpot Premium Edition Full License
With the free Edition your phone turns into an open WiFi HotSpot with basic internet protocol support

New simple WiFi Tethering UI connects your laptop or iPad to internet via your phone HotSpot with a click
The Light version is 100% FREE with no time limitations. No obligations to get the commercial Premium


This is similar to the WMWifiRouter application I wrote about, which is designed for Windows Mobile devices. Some caveats: You can't encrypt the traffic and anyone can use your WiFi hotspot. But the good news is that you can run Skype on your laptop and route the IP traffic through the JoikuSpot connection. Good stuff!

How would you like to turn your Nokia smartphone into a WiFi hotspot for free? Well, JoikuSpot offers a free application that you can load on your Nokia phone to do just that. When installed on the Nokia phone, laptops, iPhones, and even the Apple iPod touch can have fast wireless internet via the Nokia's JoikuSpot wireless access point. It leverages the phone's own high-speed 3G internet connection. Multiple devices can connect to JoikuSpot and share the same 3G internet access. 

JoikuSpot Premium supports Nokia E51E52E55E60E61E61iE63E65E66E71E72E73E75E90N78N79N80N81N81 8GBN82N85N86N91, N93, N93iN95N95 8GBN95 AmericasN95 8GB AmericasN96N97N97 Mini5530 XpressMusic5630 XpressMusic5730 XpressMusic5800 XpressMusicC5-03C6E5X5X6, X7, T7, 702T, 500, 600, 700, 701, Oro, 6710 Navigator8800 ErdosN8E6E7C6-01C7N900, N9, Satio (Idou) Vivaz and Vivaz Pro phone models and turns them into WiFi HotSpots.

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